Why Use Us

We are a strategic insight consultancy, focussed on getting insight inside a business. We do this through Applied Insight to help solve strategic marketing problems, and Insight Effectiveness projects, which maximise the ongoing impact of research and insight within the organisation.

Why Use Us:

Our collective experience within research and marketing means we have the expertise to both unlock insight and put it to work for your organisation. We are also specialist workshop facilitators, a critical component for collaboration and embedding deliverables.

Strategy Focus

Our goal is to help organisations use insight to impact strategic decision-making. All our work is designed with this in mind. We never start a project without considering how it will be applied to the organisation, across different audiences and issues. Understanding the organisation and the needs of stakeholders is critical to every project.

Senior Involvement

Every project is designed, led and managed by an Insight Inside Director.  We stay directly involved with all areas of project analysis and interpretation, as well as running every workshop and delivering every debrief.  All members of the team are specialists with over 10 years’ experience.


We believe that the best results are built in collaboration with you, ensuring higher quality deliverables that are fit for purpose, and a team whose engagement has been built up from the beginning of the project.