The single most powerful springboard for achieving demand-led growth is segmentation that has the capacity to generate insights, ideas and new opportunities that will gain traction in your business.

Our approach to segmentation is centred on shaping strategy through smart combinations of analysis, interpretation and ingenuity, underpinned by solid IP. Our principles for delivering great outcomes focus on:

Placing the greatest value (and effort) on outcomes

Reaching a set of segments from qualitative and quantitative research surveys can be such a monumental task that potentially everyone has run out of steam before the real work begins. We work on the basis that the most energy must be invested in making the segments useful: transforming findings into insights, insights into opportunities and opportunities into strategy.

Using clear frameworks and ingenius IP

Segmentation is often quite complex. In some ways it needs to be, but our role is to make complex relationships easy to understand. Our 6Ws framework provides a clear structure from the outset; SuperSegment IP cleverly draws drivers of choice together using data science and good judgement; our Opportunity Pathways Model provides a systematic approach for generating leaps of thinking, to help create commercially relevant strategy in portfolio planning, innovation and brand development.

Working Collaboratively

Segmentation can be an arduous process if stakeholders and marketing teams are presented with weighty outputs after a long wait, rather than being involved and engaged in its development. We work hard to ensure that your team’s expertise and knowledge are leveraged to both create the optimum model, and drive team-ownership.

Bringing it all to life

Segmentation needs landing gear as well as wings. It tends to have a reach in businesses beyond marketing, so it is important that high-impact engagement material is developed that will fit with the culture of a business. We have produced and delivered everything from Apps to Videos.

Providing a segmented offer

Segmentation does not always have to be a lengthy, expensive exercise. Segments can change over time and many clients like to refresh and invigorate their existing segmentation. Segmentation Lite provides for this need and whilst rigorous in thought and approach, it is time and cost effective.