Insight Mining

Many senior insight and marketing people are frustrated by information overload, so they are not crying out for more spend on more research. Instead, they want to maximise the return on their investment by deriving more insight from their existing research or other knowledge sources.

It’s often finding new ways to interrogate existing research, or connecting the findings from one source with those from another, which yields great insights. Our Insight Mining approach adopts a clear process to find this new value in what you’ve already got.

New Perspectives

We apply fresh frameworks and, where necessary, smart statistical thinking to re-examine your existing research in a new way and unlock more inspiring insights.

New Connections

Many great insights come from connecting different sources of data and understanding. We create those new connections, bringing together learning from disparate sources inside the business – and adding new sources of our own.

New Communication

To re-open eyes to the power of what you’ve got, we place a high emphasis on new ways of communicating findings in a more potent way through …. (need examples)

New Opportunities

Finally, we focus on turning that newly mined insight into opportunities through workshops and our Opportunity Pathways Model