Insight Impact

Our focus on getting insight inside business over the last few years has led us to an over-riding conclusion about insight. Even if the research is full of great insights, it will fall on stony ground if the client can’t fully apply that insight within their business. In addition to all our specific insight projects, we also regularly take briefs from Marketing and Insight Directors who want to improve consumer centricity in their business by optimising the impact of insight within their organisation.

We are confident that our offer in Insight Impact is unique – no other agencies provide this type of support. Our help covers four broad areas, and we tailor the approach to address your particular issues around making insight impactful.


Many clients recognise the value of an external objective perspective on how well they are achieving insight impact currently. We’ve seen inside many businesses and our benchmarking process gives you a real 360 degree perspective on how insight is working inside your business today.


A critical finding form our own survey of Insight teams is that those with a clearer vision about the role of insight in the organisation achieve more impact with their insight. We run a simple, enjoyable workshop process to help you craft that vision and create game plans to turn that vision into reality.


We support you in achieving insight impact goals by improving skills and defining best practice


We help you build an approach so that insight truly inspires strategic marketing, not just as a one –off but on a consistent basis.