Innovation with Precision

Innovation is a good idea, informed by an insight that works but it should also solve a problem and create an opportunity. It does not involve magic or wizardry but it does require ingenuity, good discipline and flair; to us that means generating inspirational insight, delivered in a way that will be commercially useful.

Our approach to innovation draws on a guiding philosophy that aligns closely with commercial reality and provides a platform for developing insight to deliver creative stimulus for great ideas in design, npd and consumer experiences.

Using ‘Design Thinking’ as a guiding philosophy

Design Thinking combines human-centred learning, particularly in terms of how people interact with their environment and one-another, with concept development and prototyping. In doing so it seeks to balance what is desirable with what is technically feasible and commercially viable.

Adopting systematic methods to underpin insight generation

Great innovation requires specificity and precision in order to be useful. This means utilising methods and models that are thorough but stimulating. Examples include Socratic Questioning to challenge assumptions and Outcome-Driven Modelling to drive more focus for subsequent ideas generation particularly for product/experience development.

Delivering tailored outcomes and models

Differentiating between deliverables is crucial in order for insight to be applied effectively and used as inspiration. We design specific models for concepts and propositions relative to the innovation task; innovation platforms will differ from product concepts, which in turn will differ from an experience proposition.

Sensitive concept testing

Really great ideas are often change-agents but there is still a role for assessing concepts through research. But it needs sensitivity. Our approach to concept testing combines meticulous analysis with a recognition that concepts need nurturing (not destroying) on the basis of understanding how people feel as well as think about them.