What we do

Ensuring each project really influences strategic decisions

We’ve spent a lot of time helping clients define what they mean by ‘insight’. This often reveals a lack of common purpose about what it is and how to get it. But one of the simplest and best definitions we agreed was this: ‘A learning that unlocks an opportunity for the business’. In other words, the business needs to apply the learning for it to have any value.

What we do:

We combine experience and expertise to identify the right research approach for every organisation, distil findings to key insights, and then help to apply this to develop commercially relevant opportunities. In short we help to unlock potential. We focus our work in five key areas that are at the heart of strategic marketing.


Shaping strategy through inspirational analysis, collaboration and focus on commercial opportunities. Read More

Innovation with Precision

Driving game-changing innovation through leading-edge methodologies. Read More

Challenger Brand Equity

Measuring equity for brands with a challenger mentality, to inspire proactive marketing. Read More

Insight Mining

Deriving more value and opportunities from existing research Read More

Insight Impact

A strategic approach to increase the impact of insight in your business through building Vision and GAME plans. Read More