Our Work: SCA

SCA,  global hygiene and paper products company, had a need to update their segmentation models, and in particular to improve on the level of actionability delivered by previous frameworks.  We were also asked to address the challenge of how to sensitively measure how consumers thought and acted in the world of toilet paper, with all its taboos and behind-closed-doors behaviours. 

Working collaboratively with a core SCA team, we developed a model which had the confidence of all key stakeholders, leveraging the wealth of current insight, and ensuring that the components of segmentation that had worked well in the past were built upon. 

The toilet paper segmentation was rolled out across four markets, while we worked with the business to use the model to help develop:

  • category vision and architecture
  • brand targeting
  • new product ideation

We then used the same approach to segment the hankies and tissues category across three markets, with the model again being used as a key input for brand and category planning and innovation.