SCA Feminine Hygiene

SCA sought to evolve their femcare business and to build a new brand architecture to support this. To this end a new needs-based segmentation was required, which could also inspire subsequent innovation.

Insight Inside were challenged with building a segmentation that could overcome hurdles perceived by the business to be considerable:

  • functional focus of the category, driven by long-term messaging around tablestakes
  • lack of differentiation between consumers on product-needs
  • taboo-factor for research 
  • inability of respondents to access emotional needs

We worked closely with the SCA team to create a segmentation that addressed all these challenges - our approach being built around:

  • working collaboratively with the global team and key local stakeholders
  • setting the context for the respondent in the broader world of personal care
  • measuring a sensitive hierarchy of emotional and functional needs
  • setting a scope that balanced current business reality with category-vision

The outcome was a framework that was seen to explain the dynamics of the category in a powerful new way, and to immediately help build the new brand architecture.

This feels like the glue that we have been missing to help pull everything together.

Duncan Phillips, Global Brand Director

I can truly say that Insight Inside will make a difference to our business through the work they have been driving. It has been a real pleasure to work with them over the last 9 months. What sets them apart from other agencies is their business-understanding and collaboration skills. They have engaged with various stakeholders to understand our business and brand challenges. They have managed to very quickly build their credibility through their professionalism and openness. For our project, they have helped us identifying the key business issue and actively supported is in finding the best approach to resolve it. It has been a very collaborative process where we have worked ‘hand-in-hands’ throughout this 9-month journey and built on each other’s ideas and reflections. I can strongly recommend them and we will for sure have more projects in the future with them.

Céline Jahn, Global Marketing and Communication Director