GSK sought to grow their global business in vitamin and mineral supplements by creating a compelling vision for the category, which would in turn allow them to focus their heritage-brand Scott’s.  In order to steer this work, a foundational piece of consumer insight was required in order to create a vision to powerfully tap into consumers and their needs.

Working closely with a core client team, Insight Inside constructed a global quantitative segmentation in the key growth markets of Colombia, Indonesia and Nigeria, addressing both the current core market of mums and the expansion target of adult users.

The segmentation was communicated through workshops in order to:

  • tightly focus the category and brand visions and align these to each other
  • identify the lead growth-opportunities grounded on tight needs-platforms and desired ‘ reasons to believe’
  • shape the opportunities and communication based on clear consumer targets and relevant insights
  • guide launch strategy for Nigeria
  • guide portfolio migration across markets

The segmentation is now being rolled out across further markets.