Making research work harder - connecting what we know.

Heads of Insight and Marketing Directors are not always crying out for more spend on more research. Increasingly they want better connection and mining of the research they already have.

Information overload is a frequent concern when we talk to companies about maximising the value of insight, and it’s noticeable how often businesses recognise that they are not making the most of what they have got. There is widespread recognition that it’s often connecting the findings from one source with those from another which can coalesce into great insights, but many businesses acknowledge various shortfalls in making these connections.

There are three big things which need to be optimised.

  1. Better ‘software’ – i.e. sometimes organisations acknowledge their knowledge management systems haven’t been optimised to provide findings from all studies undertaken in a way which is engaging and accessible
  2. Better transfer. We find multiple instances of businesses admitting that different teams within different categories or geographies don’t learn sufficiently from each other’s work
  3. Better mixing. Many organisations admit they find it difficult to get the right mix of people in a room together with the right facilitation to really make the connections and ‘sweat’ out the insight from the various sources.

Making research work harder - connecting what we know.:

We recommend: Maximise connections

We have found it helpful to set up dedicated sessions to amalgamate key learning from a range of sources, take time to make connections, distil into key insights and work through the implications. These can work either to ‘crack’ a particular issue or just as a regular process with a spirit of ‘let’s see what we’ve found out recently’ – we think you will be surprised!

Andy Howden, Partner, Insight Inside.