Insight Insides

  • How “design thinking” can unite researchers and creatives

    How to approach innovation in a way that allows researchers and designers to unite and journey together through the creative process.

  • Avoiding the Imitation Game

    Challenger brands succeed precisely because they do not ape the market leader or follow the category rules – demanding a new approach to brand equity measurement.

  • Making research work harder - connecting what we know.

    Many Heads of Insight and Marketing are not crying out for more spend on research, but for better connection and mining of the research they have.

  • Hero Series – Dan Ariely

    Although he has no formal training in economics he is one of the world’s leading behavioural economists. He has written 3 books of which 2 became New York Times Bestsellers.

  • Comfort in the Familiar

    Pancake consumers were ready to endorse a product that didn’t even exist because they had confidence and comfort in a brand that they already knew. This is called endowment.

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