Insight Insides

  • Insight mining

    Many clients are overwhelmed by the amount of data and research they have, and want to get more value out of this before they commission new work. In the past 12 months we have used our analytics approaches and frameworks to derive new opportunities from old data for major clients in drinks and personal hygiene markets.

  • Fresh ways to communicate

    It’s often difficult to get stakeholders to all the critical debriefs. So getting insight into a form that’s easy to digest where and when they like is ever more important. We have recently used our creative writing skills to prepare the scripts for consumer typology podcasts, so the client can tune in to their critical targets at a time of their choosing.

  • Diving deep for richer insights

    After developing a quantitative segmentation for a major B2B client, we have recently conducted qualitative ‘deep dives’ with the key segments that emerged. This helped to enrich the client’s understanding, embed the segments in the organisation, and to provide an opportunity to explore new concepts with relevant target customers.

  • Mum’s the word

    Our work in the past 12 months has often involved interviewing young women with small children, and we’ve been struck by the need to segment them as mothers in some markets, driven by what’s right for their kids, and as adults in others, driven by what’s right for them. And in some categories, it’s been critical to understand them both as a purchaser for children and a consumer themselves.

  • Bespoke equity tracking for ‘challenger’ brands

    We work with a wide range of challenger brands and many of them find the sample and image measures in traditional brand tracking too generic to help them carve their particular identity. So we have now developed an approach specifically to help them measure their brand equity in a more bespoke way, as and when it’s required.

  • Multi-dimensional segmentation

    When it comes to segmentation, we’ve always found that one size fits one! In other words, the most relevant dimensions on which to segment a market vary from one market to another. Increasingly we encourage clients to look beyond consumers to need states, occasions and channels to find the most defining dimensions and target their brands most effectively.

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